Thursday, December 30, 2010

Honor Grind: “…And Suddenly I Was Employed”, SotA Changes – Did They Help At All?, Rating Madness

An average of ~130 honor per won BG, about half when you lose.

~21k Honor required for a full honor set.

20-50 minute Horde BG queues.

Occupation: Honor grinder?

No, thanks.

Hydramist (the guild) faction changed yesterday from Horde to Alliance simply because of the unbearable queue for Horde players at the moment. I expected a lot more people to play Worgen than Goblin because of the badass factor. Apparently it wasn’t nowhere near enough to balance the factions in raw numbers. A massive shift has taken place and the battle groups are overpopulated with Horde players everywhere.
One has to wonder how such imbalances actually occur. Is the BG community all about the flair of horde races – the dirty but proud, the lawful evil, tribe over civilized community story? Or is it the looks and the character animations? Or are BG players actually “serious” enough and they successfully located that Horde races generally tend to have the superior racials? A question I would guess not even Blizzard has an answer for.
Be that as it may, even without the complications of unbearably long BG queues honor farming is back to square one. When every part of the game screams “Create a twink, it’s great!“, the honor grind exactly does the opposite. You have to concentrate on one character or you will inevitably fall behind in the arms race that is stacking resilience for the most part. One could argue that the devs want players to prepare as hard as possible for rated BGs. For the sophisticated, with an already sorted out rated BG premade however it is nothing more than a pesky homework which they are only allowed to do with 5 people at a time if they want to be efficient about it. It is only for the lack of good teams that the top groups right now are making comparable honor per hour because they simply steamroll through rated Bgs which reward 45 less honor every win because they don’t get the random BG win bonus.
But the way is the goal!“, Blizzard developers would probably tell us. I’m hear to tell you… NoThe way this fella represented the issue is out of line, no question about it. The fact that you can’t really turn the tides with a 5 man team in a 40vs40 BG or even in a Eots 15vs15 and the frustration spawning from this is quite real though. Calling his post “pointless” (-Daxxarrii) is insulting. While Cy never spells it out, the message – to me at least – seems to be clear:

Significantly raise honor gains or allow more than 5 people to queue at a time.

For the sake of fairness I should point out that this dilemma really only exists because there are people with large amounts of time to spendin game putting others with less but an equally competitive mindset at a considerable disadvantage. Extending this issue to the honor grind when before it was only an issue because of PvE gear being BiS for many classes in Arena really feels like a set back. Please don’t compensate the lack of endgame content by artificially raising/lowering a number which simply makes us loop through a mind-numbingly boring and frustrating scenario even more often. It sucks.
As a mortal with a life like many of you, I have to prioritize and find work-arounds (again in a game that is supposed to be satisfying and fun). As nobody really seems to be able to answer how Conquest point gains work now, I can only speculate how the most elegant and efficient way to gear yourself is. If Conquest points turn out to reward you with an item a week, the following suggestion is most likely worthless. My current plan looks like this:
- PvP trinket
As you need a PvP trinket your old one will be the lowest ilvl item you equip. Therefore upgrading to the blue one as your first item from honor seems necessary.
- 4pc set Bonus
The set boni are probably the best you can get for every class as damage is still out of control on many classes (Hey Warriors). The order of those is really depending on how much heroic gear you were able to farm. Obviously going for the fastest way possible with gloves and shoulders for the 2pc bonus seems a good idea for many classes.
- Crafted off pieces
13 ilvls are certainly hard to swallow, but it is the best you can do if you don’t have enough time on your hands. Unfortunately those are rather expensive as well and if you’d have to grind the gold, farming the honor for the 352 ilvl off pieces from honor is probably more efficient.

- Weapons, Trinkets & Relics from Heroics
At least the daily heroic is almost a must-do. 83g is not too shabby and the gear + the Justice/Valor points you get can easily be converted in those missing pieces.
- Pray every night for a PvP-Boss drop
I lucked out and got the epic gloves before buying the lesser ones for honor points and now I’m scared shitless of getting hit by a crow in the eye-socket because RNG demands revenge. The most important part to note is that every single armor item including the PvP trinket can drop.I’m eagerly awaiting to be the only DK in a raid where the pants I bought the week before drop, twice.
Take a dice and put it under your pillow. With a little luck it could, just maybe, help.

Sota changes – Did they help at all?

Not too long ago we reported how our dear syeren pointed out on the new official forums that SotA really had no place in Rated Bgs. Blizzard responded with a couple of stealth fixes and those are the ones I was able to locate so far:
- Demolisher health, speed and damage increased.
- Demolisher are now snare- & rootable and dispellable.
- Damage on cannons significantly increased.
What those changes translated to for the groups I’ve been part of and to our A-team currently stomping European teams in RBGs have been rather disappointing. Everyone able to dispel simply spams their dispel key on Demolishers, therefore undispelable roots like Harmstring & Chains of Ice become mandatory. Casters sit on Demos and simply turret as they  always have been. The only good part about the current style of play is that when you start as attacker, it is probably the fastest BG in the pool to finish.
I sincerely doubt this BG can ever truly honor the spirit of PvP or even just become fun. After all, at least 6 of the 30 (4 in demolishers and at least 2 in cannons)  involved players are constantly sitting in two button borefests where the difference between a good driver and a bad one is virtually non-existent. Vehicle, as far as I’m concerned, have no place in PvP. Call me a purist.
Across all Blizzard games, the company has a reputation to be unable to create decently balanced maps. Starcraft I & II as well as Warcraft III players know what I’m talking about. The solution mostly came from the community. I think I speak for most people in our little community when I say that we greatly appreciate that Blizzard seems to be responding to rBG concerns quickly. Now that we got the pinky, can we ask for the entire hand to make the correct moves and not force stuff we don’t like down our throats?

Rating madness

Earlier this week Lord Hydra, Caliph Kalimist and Red Baron Redhot made their first RMP steps in Cataclysm Arena. While not relevant to the point, they immediately had to switch to RMSP simply because of the immense inferiority of Disc and to a lesser extend Holy in the current state of the game. At 1300 team rating, with a 3k+ MMR they met 2,8k MMR teams and they only gained 20 points per win.
At the same time on Cyclone-EU the team “BatmanRobin in Batmobil” is sitting at 3011 with only 150 games played. They have a massive 700 point lead to the next team even though their win percentage is only at 79%. While certainly impressive given the current meta game uncertainties, your usual 3k team in Wrath had a better win percentage most of them much better. This team most likely didn’t have an MMR on that level when they started neither. It begs the question if the rating system has been changed or if there is some kind of issue with the pace this particular team is gaining rating. I will try to get a hold of them in the upcoming days.

50 issues with Cataclysm

#1 rated bgs are cool and all but only going vs bad teams and long queues for horde cos u cant go vs same faction
#2 ring of frost is bugged and unusable in rov sometimes
#3 warriors have too many stuns and there is no reason for them to have knockdown as welll now that stun reduction talents have been removed.
#4 priest healers are unplayable and there is no reason to take them over any other healer. playing 3dps rmp is favorable
#5 war games cannot be done cross server, this needs to be possible.
#6 grip should be usable either while jumping or from behind because its not atm and it completely defeats the object of the spell – as a get away, what are you doing when you’re getting away? running away
#7 needs to be an option to keep default frames in raid, the little arrow thing on the left is too big
#8 position lag needs to be sorted out with all the new position based spells (solarbeam, smoke bomb etc)
#9 warrior shouts that get rogues out of stealth need to cost rage
#10 druid tree form is too long, shorter duration, shorter cooldown
#11 vt dispel coil not working properly if you dispel another player with it, – also has a poorly visible animation
#12 leap of faith + cure disease should not break shadowform
#13 breakable cc not breaking when dmg is absorbed
#14 sacrifice not breaking poly
#15 unholy frenzy breaking cc
#16 resistances still giving ‘resists’
#17 tooltip items messed up in alakir instance
#18 not possible to transfer a ‘guilds’ faction along with it’s level
#19 worgen portraits in deadmines are bad!
#20 pounce doesnt share dr with other stuns
#21 berserk immunes fear for too long – shouldn’t immune fear, or shorter duration
#22 using images causes random pack to pull in stonecore when on ozruk
#23 crit meta requirements are dumb
#24 Warlock spell Soulburn is bugging out making warlocks unable to cast spells that are intended to be enhanced by it
#25 mage armor 50% magic reduction is too strong, consider lowering to ~30%.
#26 purge is way too strong on enhancement shamans who do not have to consider their mana at all – consider lowering to 1 buff dispelled.
#27 necrotic strike stacking infinitely
#28 warrior deadly calm + inner rage working together
basically warriors get 75+ rage pop deadly calm (which makes abilities cost no rage) then pop inner rage (+15% dmg and +50% rage cost)
basically getting +15% damage for free while the abilities arnt ment to be able to work together at all even in the tooltip endless rage while using the
abilitiy thats supposed to ragestarve us.
#29 change/rework tremor (maybe give dispel to resto and tremor to enhance/ele)
#30 cant leave bg when achi pops on max ui scale
#31 nerf ice lance, it’s way too good to just spam and not fun for mages, not fun for anyone else to lance 100-0.
#32 nerf ice lance, there i said it twice for everyone’s sake.
#33 quest log bugging sometimes, not showing quest text
#34 vanish needs to be 0.5-1sec, 3sec (5 with glyph) makes it low skill to just spam it randomly without any thought.
#35 little quest tracker question mark stuck on in arena even when quest not tracked anymore
#36 Tol Barad cave “D-Block”‘s spawnrate is too high
#37 warlock pet stun doesnt share dr with other stuns
#38 sudden death is too rng –
problem is the talent
colossal smash gives warrs ability to burst insane for 6 seconds with a cd
which is fine by itself
but when you get rng from that talent
you can keep colossal up for a long time
doing 30k hits over and over never letting healer catch up and just die
like here when i got a pala in a throwdown with colossal
fine i take him to 40%
bam rng talent
another 0 armor for anotheer 6 seconds
gl surviving
its just 100% retarded
things like that give warrs unhealable damage via 100% rng
whicvh warrs do just fine w/o rofl
#39 dk’s chillblains slows ghostwolf
#40 frostbrand snares people through freedom and bubble and everything (cant shift/fade either)
#41 cant pvp loot corpses in isle of gilneas
#42 make undistinguishable spells like ring of frost color based on faction/team (red for horde or the same colour as flag in arenas)
#43 palas can use light of dawn when they get pummeled on school – doesnt count as holy
#44 blackjack debuff breaks resap
#45 RATING SYSTEM is horribly broken right now
[09:51:40] Sascha Heinisch:
oh ya just read your blog, there’s a simple reason why people are achieving 3k so easily
they changed it so that when you leave an arena (during or before match) you do not lose MMR or receive a loss at all
so MMR has been skyrocketting because 2 people leave arena after someone dies
so you get more overall points
also if you ALL leave the arena before you die (reasoning: oom, about to lose) you don’t get a loss or lose rating or MMR
so it’s a joke and easy to get like 3500 if people want
snutz’ team and my team both at 3350+ mmr
never went down when fighting each other
this can be easily witnessed here:
[14:02:24] ryan: rofl this guy is my hero
[14:17:08] Sascha Heinisch: heh
#46 pets doing way too much damage, retarded when players do nothing and u die to pet
#47 eots win delay
#48 1% passive dispel resist on defensive dispels (still – n1 blizz)
#49 cancelling levitate just before landing disconnects u if ur above a sloped edge
#50 ring of valor and sota still in the game (assuming this is a bug eheheheheh)
if you made it this far, feel free to post any bugs or ridiculousness you may have encountered in cata so far!

Global Arena Resets Coming

Warning: this blog will have more complaining than usual, but I think it’s warranted with the chaos ensuing online at the moment.

Global Arena Resets Coming

I’m assuming a majority of the readers are familiar with what has been going on since season 9 began, but there are an awful lot of nerd PvEers and a lot of people who have been straight grinding rated battlegrounds and regular battlegrounds. I’ll explain.
Currently, a bug has been discovered where if you leave an arena match before you actually lose, you avoid losing any MMR from that game. In other words, if you are 2500 MMR and you lose 10 games in a row but leave the game before it is actually over, you will still be at 2500 MMR. What ultimately happened is that a lot of people began to use this as a way to go up in rating because they want to get as many conquest points as possible. Those are people that did it intentionally, but there are still countless people who exploited this bug without knowing; how many times have people left arena once a team mate died because they knew they lost and wanted to just get another queue going? Practically everyone.
I’ve been queuing arena like a lot of other people this week just so that I can get as many conquest points as possible before the week’s maintenance. Nobody knows for sure, but supposedly the amount of conquest points you are awarded is directly correlated to your team rating (ie a 2500 team rating will raise your conquest point cap to 2500). That is incentive enough for teams like Complexity.Red to play as much as possible to get their gear as quickly as possible.
Let me clarify: virtually everyone is taking advantage of the bug. The finger should not be pointed at any particular team or player.
Further proof that the system is botched is that out of all the games I played this week, I’d say at least 80% of them were against teams with 3000 or higher MMR. Similarly, if you had near 2900-3000 MMR coming into Cataclysm, you immediately noticed something was wrong when you would beat tons of teams and found that their MMR were all over 3000.
If you wanted any concrete evidence of why the arena system is currently messed up, just look at this arena team. 107-124, 46% win ratio, 2743. You don’t need much else to go off of as a Blizzard employee or a player to know that something is definitely fishy.
Or, you can just look at any ladder page.
Originally people were saying how because there are new 2700 achievements in arena, this rating inflation was all intentional and that there was nothing wrong.
You’d think that was the case too if you read the WoW forums because most people are incredibly clueless there (another reason why every arena player goes to arenajunkies over the WoW forums for anything PvP related). Up until this post the other day, which was made by someone in my guild (where myself and a few others were constantly talking about the exact problem with the MMR bug), there was nothing on the WoW forums regarding the MMR bug. Absolutely nothing. You’d think it would be the complete opposite with every battlegroup having several 3000+ teams already, too.
I’ve pondered for a few days now why Blizzard has not made a single blue post on the MMR bug, since it’s obviously so far gone. And I’ve come up with a few theories as to why it has gone unaddressed.
A) They are not aware of how to fix it because they couldn’t find the “puzzle piece” to the bug.
B) They are aware of the issue but realized by the time they found out it was too late to just simply “bug fix” it when everything is so out of whack because of it
C) They are just going to do a global reset on maintenance tonight and let people keep their conquest points for the week.
The “puzzle piece” to the MMR bug
To be honest after I heard about this I didn’t think anyone else in the world would figure it out, but apparently Dr. Realz was the first.
First of all, has anyone noticed the new queue system for Arenas? The game ‘knows’ how many people are in your party, and queues you for the appropriate bracket. The problem with the coding is occurring at the end of Arena games when points, ratings, and MMR gains/losses are calculated… when a player leaves, the game again sees and ‘knows’ how many people are in the remaining group and the game is applying all personal stats based upon the remaining number.
Example: In a 3v3 game, TeamB is about to lose! One player from TeamB leaves before the game ends. The player who left is not credited for having played a game at all, and loses no personal Rating or MMR. The two remaining players are credited a loss but for the purposes of personal stats are considered by the game to have been in a 2v2 game, therefore also losing no personal Rating or MMR.
I predict that that is the missing “puzzle piece” that has been obstructing Blizzard from hotfixing this issue. If that is to be the case, they can thank WoM for helping address what could be the actual bug in this entire mess.
Some people have been saying that people that “abused the MMR bug” should be reset. That entire premise makes no sense because even teams that didn’t abuse the MMR bug were benefiting by getting more MMR points per win by beating terrible teams that did abuse it. And, like I said, a lot of teams don’t even try to abuse it, they just leave arena because they have lost and don’t want to wait an additional 10 seconds for everyone on their team to be killed.
Just so people don’t get completely shocked, it is highly likely that there will be a global reset of all MMR/team ratings tonight. As far as I can tell it is the only thing Blizzard can do to clean up the situation. There is no “soft fix” for this.


1. Why hasn’t Blizzard done something about the horde vs alliance ratio situation? I know that virtually every server around the world has significantly higher horde-to-alliance ratio, so I can certainly understand Blizzard’s situation. But this is Blizzard’s responsibility and ultimately they are the ones that goofed it up. Maybe they should have implemented hard caps of character creations for races on servers, maybe they should have nerfed horde racials like 3 years ago as opposed to when faction changes were allowed. The point is, having 10 minute queues for normal battlegrounds on every server on the entire planet is a huge problem that they should have dealt with a long time ago.
2. Rated battlegrounds still do not allow for same factions to battle each other. Wasn’t this idea promoted with the release of Cataclysm? It’s still not in the game an–.. wait a minute… wouldn’t having same-factions fight each other in regular and rated battlegrounds have fixedeverything? Am I missing something here?
3. For me, I’ve been having a blast healing in normal battlegrounds and being the only healer in virtually every game :P . Come on, people. Spec into your healing spec for your honor grind!
Hydra made a list of 50 things wrong with cata, I’ll give you 5 (may overlap with Hydra’s)
1. Cyclone is still undispellable.
2. There are still comps that have 3 different forms of reliable crowd control that don’t have diminishing returns with each other.
3. The Unstable Affliction silence, if dispelled, doesn’t have diminishing returns.
4. Smoke Bomb still in the game. If anything, make it like night hound’s smoke cloud in Heroes of Newerth where it just slows targets inside it and makes it so they can’t use spells while inside it.
5. Ring of Frost confusion – you can’t differentiate Ring of Frost when there are more than one in an arena match. Maybe make them the same color as the team’s flag (in arena)?
6. Wizardcleave is still way too powerful.
Oops, 6.
Veev’s complaint regarding the warlock 4 set piece bonus for arena: Set: Reduces the casting time of your Shadow Bolt and Incinerate spells by 5%
In other news RMP, WLD, and a few old-style comps are not viable at all anymore. But, like I mentioned last week, wizardcleave is still extremely strong,
Finally, apparently someone found out there is a way to get 12k mana back in arena!

EU Reset To 1500, Conquest Point Cap Reset, Way To Go Blizzard!

• All existing items requiring 2200 rating will have their minimum level requirement temporarily increased to make those items unusable. This change is planned to be reverted on January 25.

• Weapons which require a 2200 rating will be unavailable for purchase. This limitation is also planned for reversion on January 25.
• All player and team ratings for arenas will be reduced to a maximum of 1500. (Player, team and matchmaking ratings below 1500 will not be affected)
• Match Making Values for all players will be set to 1500.
Here’s a chart created by Felbent-Khadgar, originally posted on AJ showing the correlation between Rating and CP Cap.
Lord-Hydra went through 50 issues with Cataclysm and it certainly feels like we are dealing with a lot of growing pains here. Keep in mind companies releasing beta products as live games is nothing new. It really is a chicken and egg issue as without your major player base involved, it is very difficult to tune the game with 30 possible talent trees. You never have enough resources to finish everything, so you may as well do what you can, get it out of the door and sort it out over time.
In fact, my biggest complaint with Cataclysm so far is they revamped armory so sites like SK-100 lost their data mining capabilities. You can use Blizzard’s own ladders but you lost so much stats tracking capabilities, like most popular spec for a class, most dominant comps at top 100 worldwide, etc. This localizes the game too much as you end up just looking at your own BG, and maybe a BG9 or Cyclone, that is it. With MLG pulling the plug on 2011 circuit for now, the future of WOW as an e-sport is uncertain at best and the last thing we need is further narrowing down of the game’s PVP interest.

What Blizzard Did Right

I still strongly feel Cataclysm is closer to a balanced game than WOTLK ever was and ever will be. The health pool / healing power ratio is almost perfect in my opinion, once healer mana efficiency gets balanced a little more (paladin needs to go out of mana a little easier, priest needs to last a little longer), classes that have too much burst get a little more in line with each other, we will have a near perfect game from a macro level. On a micro level there will always be minor issues here and there, but we have a great foundation to work with.
Here is my impression on classes that are perceived to be overpowered:
Warrior: Other than colossus smash, their damage really is not that crazy. Given the mobility they have and the stuns they have to offer, I really believe colossus smash at 50% armor penetration to match a subtlety rogue’s find weakness is good enough. They will still be a very strong class now blade storm is fixed. They have so many gap closers and so many stuns now, they really don’t need the ability to one shot.
Mage: I really don’t think their damage is overpowered at all, especially as resilience goes up and ice lance simply doesn’t scale all that great. The amount of CCs is ok as they lost frost bite after all, and they are much easier to dispel. My biggest beef is similar to everyone else’s, ring of frost is just too much when used with sheep/deep freeze, it needs to have a much shorter duration. This class is also too strong in rated BGs, you basically can’t play without one now they offer both lust and an amazing array of group CCs.
Feral Druid: Again, if you look at top 20 ladder on BG9, restoration is still by far the most popular spec in 3v3. They do a lot better in 2v2 but for the most part they play exactly like their level 80 version, except damage is a lot better. Everything else is really more of the same. Bleed damage scaling needs to be adjusted like and that is about it. Somewhere between garrote/rupture and feral bleed is where physical DOTs should be, and we should be ok after Blizzard play around with the numbers.
Once we fix these three classes, we can start look into tougher to tackle issues, like wizard cleave dominance in both arena and BGs. I understand Blizzard wants to wait until everyone has 30% damage reduction resilience before changing things up, but the time to make small changes is now!

Thank God For MMR Reset

I had a great year at my day job, earning my biggest bonus + raise ever. Unfortunately, it required a lot of hours at the office, and I could not devote as much time into gearing my character (especially on horde side with slow honor farming) and I really need to compete at a lower level at season start when I still have green pieces.
I also want to play with Estel for fun and games and a 2000 rating is all I want for now until I am fully geared. I played 3v3 at 2750 bugged MMR and everyone out-geared me by so much in that bracket. I really couldn’t do enough damage even when I was allowed to sit on someone full time as mutilate. Half of my gear is not enchanted because everything is so expensive right now, I have been saving my gold to enchant only 340+ gear so as a result I am at least 1000 attack power behind a fully geared rogue.
Thankfully with rating reset, MMR will be reset as well. I really don’t see why they can’t reset MMR to 1500 at the start of each season. Top teams will quickly get it up by easily beating lower rated teams. Those of us who wish to play casual with family won’t be forced into grinding games at a much higher MMR than our gear. We are winning 50% of our games, but after 15 very tough games we only moved up 200 points in team/personal rating.
If your name is not Reckful and you do not have access to the best casters in the game in Venruki/Snutz, you are probably mutilate. While this is the most dumbed down playing style our beloved rogue class has ever seen, it is about as effective as we can get for now. Damage outside of shadow dance is just atrocious. I don’t think there is a lower DPS class than a subtlety rogue today and rupture scaling is a big, big part of it. I put up recuperate and spam fan of knives (12 yard AOE, -70% speed +30% cast time, it is probably our most unique move outside of smoke bomb, huge for BGs), and I can pretty much ignore the subtlety rogue and pretend he is a warlock’s felguard.
And keeping recuperate up 100% of the times while crawling toward your opponent is something you will see a lot as mutilate. Until you finally get a chance to pop vendetta, land kidney shot + smoke bomb (never smoke bomb without a stun unless your target is really low and you are just trying to block an incoming heal!) when the healer is out of range and score a kill. Against better teams, this is a lot harder to do as smoke bomb has a tiny 8 yard radius. It only takes 2 steps before someone will get out of it even when he is snared. And with a 3 minute cooldown, they will just save their own big defensive cooldowns for it. Healers will learn to adapt and anticipates when a rogue will land his smoke bomb and act accordingly. If you are trying to train a healer, you can block an incoming fear/sheep or a round of burst, that is about it. I really don’t see what the complaint about smoke bomb is. Prep smoke bomb? Sounds good, but you just gave up all of your damage, and again, just about every class has a way to get out of the smoke.
I do worry a lot about rogue’s future as resilience picks up. As mutilate I already have a hard time against tougher melees. Estel and I fought a2600 resilience warrior with item level 350 with paladin. The guy doesn’t even have his epic 2 hander yet, and I already get out muscled. With recuperate up at all times and good use of defensive CDs, I can toe-to-toe him all day but both of our paladins are near full mana the entire time. I can not bring this guy under 70% as mutilate even with slice and dice + rupture PVE style. Vendetta is the only way I can bring him to 50% if we interrupt a heal or two, but he just intervenes away and gets healed back up. Sure I will pick up another 1000 attack power which will make a difference, and 10% more resilience, but still, after a long game he did 250K damage to my 150K. Even if I add another 10% damage and reduce 10% damage from him, it is 225K vs 165K, he still has a huge edge and that is before he gets his epic 2 hander. Do mutilate rogues really shut down warriors like they say? I am beginning to have my doubts.

Millies Moves On With Her Modeling Career

I knew the day will come when Millies will take her modelling career more seriously and do away with the WOW nerds.
I still haven’t been able to log on to WoW. I really want to, but I just got back home from NYC and
I’ve been getting some prominent job offers that are keeping me from pouring hours into wow. – Millies
She is the hot girl next door: tall, beautiful, and can be a little sentimental at times, and doesn’t always know what she wants. Once she figures it out however, she is going to leave you in the dust. Most of us have to give up WoW, or at least greatly reduce our dosage at some point in our lives to finish real life quests. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, don’t worry, it is simply because you have not found your true love yet. Once you do, you will snap out of it.
Unfortunately, this is also the end of Millies’s regular contributions. She will still check in as a guest writer every now and then for her loyal fans. A round of applause for the tough girl who endured all the abuse both externally and internally for so long. I am proud of you and your thick skin, great attitude will do you very well professionally! Thanks for all the articles Millies!